01 Geo Prizm 1.8l parts car for 94 Geo Prizm 1.8l car what's compatible?

A 2001 Geo Prizm 3rd generation is available for me to buy to use towards my 1994 Geo Prizm 2nd generation… Wondering which main parts are able to be switched, engine, transmission, just looking to see if anybody else has done a similar swap, I know that the 01 donor car is about 7 years older than the 94 Geo, but there are a lot of similarities as well, I figured I would ask on here before making the purchase.

Very little, I’d think. The '94 is OBD-I, the '01 is OBD-II, so lots of differences with the electronics and computers. The engines are different, too. Check out wikipedia for a description of other changes.

You don’t say what parts you actually need but I really don’t see why you would want to do this. These were not great vehicles to start with . It seems your time and effort would be better spent acquiring a new vehicle . As for anyone doing this swapping , I seriously doubt it.

I think that you might have meant that it is ~7 years newer than the '94 model, but… in any event…
the biggest problems (IMHO) are going to relate to the vastly different ECM and the TCM, and those problems may be insurmountable.

Not a great vehicle? It’s a Toyota Corolla in disguise. They were excellent.

But if you’re gonna get a parts car, you need one from the same generation. If this 2001 has the 1.6L motor then you might find compatibility because it’s the same as the 2nd gen - but there might have been changes to engine components that weren’t enough to justify a new engine designation but would be incompatible with what you have.

They are both rebadged Toyota Corolla.Many more Corollas made then the Prizm

I agree with you! The Toyota Corolla and Chevy Prizm are clones but I doubt he could use anything on the 94 to fit on the 01.

it sounds like he actually wanted to use parts on the 01 for the 94…but the answer is the same regardless

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The 1.8L engines are from different families of engines, they are not compatible. Not sure on the transmission though as I think both are 3 speed automatics. You might be able to swap the radios though.

Edit: the 94 has a 7A-FE engine with a cast iron block and aluminum head. The 01 has a 1ZZ-FE all aluminum engine (except the 1.6L engine which is a 4A-FE in the same family as the 7A-FE).

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Suggest to visit an auto-recycler and ask them. They deal w/ this sort of thing every day. If you have a specific part you want to know about, for example the starter motor for an 01 prizm, they’ll be able to tell you what make/model/year of cars it fits. The closer the make/model/year ofthe donor car is to the car under repair the better of course. For example the part numbers for the front brake calipers are different from what I see between the two cars, 2001 vs 1994. Likewise the camshaft part numbers are different car to car, even with a 94 having the 1.8L engine.

I doubt that the guy at the salvage yard parts counter is going to want to spend a lot of time hasihing over what fits what. Sometimes there are mid year changes and even larger components such as engines or transmission may not be completely compatible.

If you’re wondering about small items such as alternators, starters, cylinder heads, etc, etc you might go to a parts house website (AutoZone for example) and compare the parts numbers from one year to the other.
I would strongly imagine that most items will have a different part no. which means there will not be a direct fit for one reason or the other.

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