Need interior door handles for 91 geo metro



Hi all,

I’m hoping someone here can help me. I am a the proud owner of a 1991 Geo Metro and I need new interior door handles. They finally just crumbled on me.

I am the original owner of this little jewel and she has never once given me a bad time.

The best car ever!!

I have looked everywhere (including dealer, who no longer carries them) and I can NOT find them. I would appreciate any help and guidance you all might have. ANY at all!!! I have googled till my fingers bleed :wink: and tried Ebay as well. I’m out of ideas.

Thank you so much in advance,

geogirl (teresa)


Have you tried salvage yards. Give a shot to a company called Certifit.


There is still a 1991 Geo Metro in my family. The last time I helped with repairs it was for replacing an exterior door handle. I simply went to my local Chevrolet dealership. I forget whether they actually had it on hand or had to bring it in from the regional warehouse the next day, but sure enough they came through for me.

My suggestion is to continue working through Chevrolet (who originally sold the Metro). Some warehouse somewhere must still have parts. Call Chevy’s regional office, customer service, and keep trying.


Try eBay Motors.


Maybe try a Suzuki Dealer.


Have you tried your local auto parts store? There’s a company that sells a variety of door handles as well as other common automotive knick-knacks under the Help! brand that are usually in front of the counter. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had one that at leasts works for your Geo.

Also, if you want to do this on the cheap, you can just buy yourself a vice-grip wrench and tighten it onto the little shaft thing and it’ll work just as well. Plus then you have a vice-grip if you need it to do any emergency repairs!


The stuff sold under the Help section is Dorman Products. I already checked there web sight trying to help the OP. No Dice but here is the sight catalog.


Thanks for all of the great suggestions.
I am STILL without handles.
I really appreciate the effort you all have put forward. Thanks so much!!
Feel free to keep trying :slight_smile:
I am desperate!


Try this link:

There are a couple of Metro door handles about half-way down for $39.99. Is that what you need?