Dead car

my friend has a 1991 geo metro and doesn’t know what to do because it won’t start. If she takes it to a mechanic it will cost a tow and she is thinking it will be expensive just to have it looked at. Are there mobile mechanics? Is replacing an engine a good idea on a car like this or trading it in. It’s been dead for quite a while. They do get good gas mileage when they run. I’ll call a car garage also and ask them. she wants the car for her son to drive who has no car.

Yes, nearly every major American city has auto mechanics that will come to you. If you decide to use one, use Google for a search. Look up “mobile mechanic” plus the name of your city.

It is certainly in your friend’s best interest to get this car running again. A non-running car is of no use to anyone, and in the meantime the owner is paying insurance, etc, without the car’s benefits. Encourage your friend to accept the costs of a professional and get this car back on its feet again.

BTW, if we knew why this car doesn’t run, we might be able to give more explicit advice.

Other than the starting problem, what is the condition of the rest of the car?