1991 Chevrolet S10 4.3L

I have a 1991 s10 4.3l . My cord that runs from my battery to my starter is damaged and needed to be replaced. I got underneath it to try and unscrew the cord from the starter so I could replace it with the new one and realized that I have to drop
The whole starter out to put the new one on. The last time I replaced the starter it was easy getting out but putting it back in was the difficult part. I had to have a
Mechanic come to my house to get it in for me(which only took him like 3 minutes) so
My question is is there a trick to getting the starter back in? Helpppp

Disconnect Neg Batt cable from battery.If you need to jack it up at all use a Jack stand.Remove bolt for bracket from starter to engine block. Remove two bolts holding starter up.(actually, from the look of it, you should be able to replace cable w/starter installed, but I’ll continue)Change cable making sure it has same angle as old one.Now for install. put the long bolt through and stick starter in position and thread it in using your hand tool,leaving enough space to slide the shim(spacer) back in.Slide the shim in putting the fork around the long bolt,take short bolt and put it through starter, through the hole in the shim, and thread it in evenly w/the long bolt until the starter is seated and tight.Make Battery connections.