1991 Cherokee strange phenomenom

I bought this from my brother-in-law and removed his Sony deck. Yesterday I replaced it with my JVC deck and the pigtail fit and worked fine. Last night, I went to the store and when I turn the lights on the speakers quit, turn them off and sound resumes. The deck unit operates fine visually it seems like it is just the speakers. Any ideas?


My first thought is there may be a grounding problem causing this to happen. You could try running a temporary ground lead from the battery to dash area and see if that makes a difference. If there is an external amplifier involved then check the power connections to it.

Try clipping a ground wire from the chassis of the radio to the chassis of the vehicle. If you use a metal bracket under the dash, make sure it is actually connected to chassis and not some plastic part of the dash.

Even though the Sony and the JVC use the same connector, the pins may be assigned differently. Compare the wiring diagrams of the Sony and JVC receivers to see what’s what.

Ed B.