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1991 Buick Park Avenue - Cuts out

my husband is 93 years old and goes for dialysis three times a week. five thirty AM Monday thru Friday our automobile motor cuts off while we are driving it. this has happened eight times After waiting various amounts of time, ten to thirty minutes the motor will restart, My husband is ninety three years old. We have spent much money to correct problem to no avail. Emergency…PLEASE HELP. Our automobile is at an automobile repair shop in Hampton Virginia. They are trying so hard to help us. Desperate for assistance.

Sorry about your plight but how do you think we can help?

Sorry to be of bother. Just prayed that someone could give us suggestions to offer the mechanic that is trying to help. Never tried this website before. Just happen to send out a prayer and this email. We have spent all of our savings and maxed out most of our credit cards trying to get this auto in a condition to get us to and from church and dialysis to no avail. Purchased this auto from a top dealership. After purchase we spent additional money to them to fix it to no avail. Thanks for the response. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. We promise to not bother you again. We misunderstood the purpose of this website. Good bye and God bless you for the courtesy of responding. Just say a little prayer with us and we know that God will do the rest. Promise not to bother again.

It isn’t a bother, that’s why we are here. We’d like to help, just need to know how.

Transferring info from us to you to tell your mechanic is not a communication path that will yeild any result. You can’t tell us enough about the car to be of help and we can’t suggest more than a good mechanic should already know.

I’d suggest the ignition coil pack is failing. Not uncommon for this model car.

If you trust your mechanics, let them fix the car. If you don’t, take the car elsewhere.

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