1991 accord oil where spark plugs connect

Have a 1991 Honda Accord EX. Twice now the spark plug wires came off when driving. Noticed there is alot of oil where the wires connect to the plug. what is wrong?

Can you post a picture? 4 cylinder or 6? Sounds like the valve cover gasket may be leaking pretty bad onto the plug wires . . . bad enough to have affected the plug wires . . . so they don’t stay on the plug ends. Hard to see or comment without more details. Rocketman

There are o-rings that seal the valve cover around the spark plugs, or at least they used to. Yours are worn out and in need of replacement.

Why the wires are coming off is a mystery. I suggest new spark plug wires and a new valve cover gasket set.

I agree. The valve cover gasket set requires replacing.

Why does it blow the sparkplug wires off? Well, if the O-rings at the bottom of the sparkplug wells are leaking oil, it’s also allowing crankcase pressure to build in the sparkplug wells. This pressure builds in the wells and pushes on that part of the sparkplug wire that seals onto the valve cover.