Oily spark plug, exhaust fumes - 09 Accord V6

I can’t use the drop-down boxes in Firefox, so here’s the preamble.
I have a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L V-6. It has just over 200,000 miles on it now and is in relatively good shape.
In accordance with the suggested maintenance schedule, I decided to change the spark plugs. I saved the hardest one for last (transverse V6 cylinder #1 is tough to access). I was able to replace the plug, but there was a lot of oil on my spark plug socket and on the old plug. (see pics attached or below).
None of the other cylinders had this problem.
I’ve also noticed that the exhaust smells odd lately, as if there’s a leak or something. It doesn’t smell like it’s burning oil, it just doesn’t smell right.

It idles and runs fine.

What’s the cause of this, and how hard is it to fix?

More than likely the grommet that seals the spark plug well is starting to leak.


Those are the three things in the middle of the valve cover gasket.

Three spark plugs per head, three spark plug well grommets.

Replace the valve cover gasket/spark plug well grommets on both heads.


Thanks Tester.