96 prelude oil on wires

When i went to pull a sparkplug wire there was oil all around it and looked to be all over the tops of the plugs

Leaking valve cover gasket or gaskets for the spark plug wells.

Probably the valve cover gasket is leaking. Or the PCV. Both are usually inexpensive to fix. If you don’t want to visit a mechanic yet, you could wipe all the oil away from those areas, then watch daily, see if there’s a pattern on how it reappears.

This engine uses spark plug tubes to allow the plugs to be down between the overhead camshafts. To seal around the tubes, where the sparkplugs are, it uses “O” rings, actually supplied with the valvecover gasket in a kit. To replace them requires removal of the valvecovers, and both the valvecover gasket and the O rings should be replaced.

Rubber, kept compressed for long periods and especially subjected to constant heat cycling, “cold flows”. The term means that it basically reshapes itself to the space it occupies, losing its compression and its ability to seal. That’s what is allowing the oil ubricating your valvetrain to seep onto your sparkplugs.

I recommend fixing it, because the oil can compromise the integrity of the spark plug wire boots and cause breakdown and arcing.