1990 Voyager Can't Take the Heat



For years I’ve ignored this problem on my 4-cyl, turbo, 1990 Plymouth Voyager (over 160k). It has actually had this problem for as long as I’ve owned it (about 10 years). Whenever driving it in warm weather (80 degrees or hotter) for an extended period of time (say over 20 minutes), the engine will die, as if it were out of gas. Once it start dying like this, I have to pull over, wait for a few minutes, then start it up and get moving. It will die again within minutes, most often at a stop when the RPM is low, but sometimes in mid-drive at higher RPM. My HS kid is starting to drive it now, so it is more of a pain than when I used to drive it to work in under 20 minutes (most of the time it would make it in that short time w/o incident).

Also, the engine temperature is never excessive when it dies–the guage shows it at about mid-temp. And, I live in high altitude (8k feet, Colorado Springs).

I’ve replaced plugs, wires, rotor, filter, thermostat, and fluids are all fine. It only does this when the temperature outside is hot.

Any advice?


I would suspect the ignition coil.


More likely to be the Hall Effect Pickup (HEP) in the distributor.