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1990 Toyota Corolla Won't Start

Ok I have no idea what is wrong with this piece of junk but I know something is causing it not to start… Either there is an electrical problem causing the battery to lose power or there is a short in the relay or something!! All I know is that my car will not start when the temperature is over 84 degrees

When you say it will not start, could you be more specific? Does the starter motor not turn? Does the starter motor turn but the engine isn’t being cranked over. Does the engine crank over but the engine does not catch? Does the engine catch but not stay running once the key is released.

Answer these questions and we can help you.

Well all I know is that when the i turn the key in the ignition the starter will not turn over (clicking sound not there) The engine will not catch what so ever and it’s driving me insane! It’s really hard to explain because at first the fan does not run but when I try it again the fan kicks on but nothing else does

Check voltage at the battery and then make sure the connections are clean at the battery. Then move to the starter and see if there is power when you turn the ignition to start. If not there is a wiring/ignition problem. I still think you have not given enough info though.