1992 Toyota won't start when engine is hot

My car won’t start when the engine gets hot…has to wait sometimes 30-90min for it to cool before I can restart it. It has a new starter, battery and alternator…what could it be? Distributor? get another starter? wiring? its electrical I think of some sort… HELP…i’ve taken it many places with no fix…

Perhaps the coolant temperature sender is faulty. If the computer doesn’t know the correct temperature of the engine coolant, it can’t adjust the fuel mixture correctly.

There are other possibilities, but since you didn’t tell us what’s been tried so far, I’m not going to guess.

What kinds of places have you taken the car for this problem? Dealers? Independent mechanics? Chain stores?

The more information you provide, the better your chances of getting help.

Does the starter motor turn the engine, or is it the engine cranks but does not start?

I turn the ignition and hear no clicking…very faint I think its the starter turning…but thats it.

How old is the battery?

new last summer.

If the engine turns over, you could have a failing fuel pump.

it does NOT turn over