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1990 toyota celica

i just got a 1990 toyota celica and it turns over but dont start. its getting fuel up to the motor. i got it from a friend that gave up on it and he got it from a guy that replaced the 2200 with a 2000 engine. everything looks to be connected but i dont know where to start. any ideas?

Start By Finding Somebody Who Will Take It Off Your Hands.

Just joking. Seriously, who knows at this point ?
Compression, spark, and fuel are the three basics to check when you don’t know what you’ve got. You need all three !

You could run a spark test and if you pull the plugs you can check compression. With the car not in a garage, eye protection, and fire extinguisher in hand you could give it a shot of starting fluid (preferably the stuff with some lubricant in it). Follow the cautions on the can.

See which of the 3 basics you’re missing.