96 toyota celica 1.8 dont start


please somebody help me my 96 toyota dont start.The car use to start with a jumper cables then i replace the spark plugs wires, distribuitor,new battery check alternator also replace starter now the car cranks but wont start but i hear the fuel pump working please help.


Well, if you replaced the spark plug wires and now it doesn’t start, my money says that you put them on in the wrong order.


The fact that it use to need a jump to start would indicate a likely problem with the battery or charging system. You can have them checked for free at many auto parts stores.

The fact that it will not start after you did all that work means that there may have been something wrong with what was done. For example a bad part or maybe an installation error. Mr Josh’s suggestion of an error with the spark plug wires is very easy to do for example.


thanx but the spark plugs i change them one by one just the way they were before,the battery is new alternator is been check at a local store.but before i change the starter in my car the battery use to drain from the ld starter now that i change it the car cranks but dont stay on.


i put one by one but may be the spark plugs need to be adjust