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Help me please

i have 91 plymoth acclaim and it shows on the autoxray from orielys code 37 open/short in torque converter part throttle unlock sulenoid, # 41 open/short detected in altenator field control circuit, # 25 open/short detected in ais circuits, and #15no distance sensor signal detected during road load. What all does this mean?

It means you have a trip to the transmission shop in your future, I’d wager.

What is the car doing (or not)? What are the symptoms?

Likely Transman will be by before long and will give you the good or bad news. You can trust his comments.

I can barely understand what you are saying. But “open/short” kept coming up. (Those other 2 guys were obsessed with the mention of a torque converter.)

Open/short is about bad wiring. So what all it means is that you’ve probably got a hunting expedition ahead of you. Start with simple visual inspection. If you have them check out wiring diagrams and see if you can determine whether or not any or all of these systems share something.

Is this a 3 speed (A470) or a 4 speed (A604) transmission?? That code 37 doesnt sound right. A code 37 is a solenoid switch valve code. Whats the transmission doing?? Are these old codes??


it is an auto. and the autoxray read off “#37 open/short in torque converter part throttle unlock solenoid” i also know that that has to do with the transmission. the test was done 10-25-10

it killed over on me when i put it in rev. and then i got a jump start and it would put when i hit the gas. now it seems to be driving fine

Ok, I know its an automatic. Is it a 3 speed automatic or a 4 speed automatic?? Is the transmission acting up at all?? What exactly is the transmission doing??



You have 4 codes - 3 are about an open/short in a circuit. Another is in the lack of a signal. You need to start with wiring inspection. Have you at least popped the hood and checked out your major harnesses for signs of damage? (chafing, fraying, heat, rodents…)

That alternator code could be responsible for the other codes. If everything seems to be working right I would note the codes, clear them and drive. See if anything comes back. You also might want to get that alternator tested to be sure about it.