1994 OLDS Cutlass Cierra

Hi! About a month ago I bought a 1994 Cutlass Cierra. In the 6 weeks I have had it, it has stalled out on me a least 2 dozen times, I have brought it back to the “dealer” and to my personal mechanic. We’ve taken care of a few things, and still the car stalls. I’m afraid that I have made a terrible mistake in purchasing the car. Unfortunately there are no refunds nor exchanges. Please help! I’ve had the transmission, spark plugs and fuel sensors replaced. I have had “crank sensors” replaced. I have no idea where to go??..My lawyer says that they do not handle cars so old!?? No idea what else it could be? Both the dealer and mechanic have told me that there cold be a zillion things to cause a car to stall, and it seems that they are taking there time in finding what the problem exactly is!!..Please help, what’s making my car stall?

Before anyone can help you, more information is needed as to when and how the stalling occurs. Describe what happens before and after the engine stalls. Does it restart right away or does it have to sit for awhile before it starts and runs again?

Also… what engine does the car have?

I haven’t noticed any time of pattern with the stalling: It’s happened as soon as I start up, while parallel parking, while waiting at a stop light, it’s even happened out of nowhere in mid-cruise: making the entire car freeze up on me…no brakes, no gas, no steering everything just froze and nearly killed me. I have noticed that there is no problem at all once I’m on the highway maintaining a constant mph.

It does restart with no problem, but then immediatly stalls out the second i put it in drive.

I believe it’s a V6 3.1 L engine…

Get a price on an engine computer. If it’s under $175 change it. Instructions come with the new one. It used to be located by the passenger’s right foot on the firewall. Afraid of guessing wrong? The mechanics don’t seem to be. If the computer is $300 or more (dealer) I wouldn’t bother. It would be better to save up another $800 and replace the car.