93 Cutlass Ciera Stalls when driving warmed up



I have 93 cutlass Ciera…6 cylinder…3.3… when it’s fully warmed up it stahls out on me as i’m accelerating from a stop. but then if I wait a minute and re start it it most times will run ok…

and is loosing power sometimes, when fully warmed up she gets bogged down in pressing the accelerator…it won’t stall when Ideling… only when fully warmed up when Accelerating…the engine raced the other day as if someone was stepping on the gas when I wasn’t…onlly did that once…hasn’t did that since…

Service engine light is on…I have new Oxgen sensor, cleaned the maf sensor…new fuel pump and new fuel filter…new plugs and wires and air filter this past summer…

please I need it fixed soon as possible.


Start with the check engine light since it’s on. Your car is non OBD2 which means you can use a paper clip to retrieve codes. You’ll find the ALDL connector under the driver side dash. Using a paper clip jumper across the a and b terminals. Turn the key on (dont start engine)and watch the flashes of the check engine light. You’ll first have a 12 flashed 3 times and it will flash stored codes each 3 times and will be done when it flashes 12 again. Post those codes on here (the number not the description) and we can probably get your problem resolved.


ok thanks I did the test…got codes of 26 and 27… Thank you…93 cutlass ciera 6 cylinder 3.3


Ooh, not looking good. Those are both quad driver errors. The quad drivers are in the computer and their job is basically to turn things on and off on the engine. Fixing this problem will with fairly high probability fix your driveability problems. You need to find a good driveability tech in your area. On the Car Talk website is a list of reputable shops. Maybe there’s one in your area.


Thanks a bunch Pete for your time and input… that’s a new term on me “Driveability tech”… I’ll bring my car to one…wish me luck.