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1990 Nissan Sunny JX

Kindly suggest me for 1990 Nissan sunny jx petrol engine 1000 cc. So what type of engine oil I should use for my car??

Look on the oil cap in the engine, it should tell you what grade oil to use. On a car this old, any good brand modern oil should do fine. Or look in the owners manual and it should say what grade of oil.

By the way, most of us on this site are in North America and have never even seen a 1000 cc Nissan Sunny, let alone worked on one. We have a European that may have seen one and may chime in. Good Luck!

Thank you so much for reply. I’m from Pakistan and I am sending you the oil picture kindly suggest me is this correct for 1990 model car engine???

As hoot as it is where you live it is probably OK but I doubt that “20W50” matches what you have on your oil fill cap. Likely 10W30 is listed from what I can find.