1994 Mitsubishi Lancer - engine oil

What kind of engine oil should I use for Mitsubishi lancer 94
1.3 cc.?

A simple web search shows 5W-30 SJ which did not even take a minute to do .


I’m not seeing any listing for your car. Neither do I see any 1994 Mitsu’s w/a 1.3 L engine. I presume you are outside the USA. Your car’s owner manual should have that info. Lose the owner’s manual? Try the Mitsu website, may be available there in pdf format.

My similar era Corolla is spec’d for API SF grade, 10W-30 if that’s of any help.

At that age with unknown probably really high miles it’s probably loose enough might not even need oil anymore. Or can get by on anything but bearing grease.

I believe you have the 4G13 engine.
The image snipits below are from the 1994 owner’s manual.



In order for the OP to not drive himself crazy looking for SG classification oil, I think we need to advise him that the SG spec was superseded by… several… newer specification oils.

The current specification is SN, and it is likely that this spec is the only one that you will find on the shelves at retailers, but that is a good thing because SN spec oil will provide protection for your engine that is FAR superior to the old, obsolete, SG specification oil.


Looks like 10-30 is the best overall unless in Alaska, but the didn’t list synthetic. Question though, the sg etc ratings are usa. Is this what they use in Europe or elsewhere?

A site I consulted gave a range of 5w30 to 15w40 but didn’t mention temperature. Given the age of the vehicle I’d lean toward one of the heavier weights. And once again the simple, obvious answer is neither.

In what temperature extremes do you plan to start the engine on this car?