1996 Toyota Corolla - engine oil grading

i want to know engine oil grading for toyota 2E carburated 1300cc .

The cheapest grade of oil of the correct viscosity specified in your owners manual would be fine for your car.

Agree! A 5W30 oil would do; just don’t buy any of these super thin oils like 0W20 because a car that age and vintage will then consume oil. And those expensive oils would be a waste of money.

The latest oil grade is SN Plus.



You really need to check the really cheap oils, they may not be up to the needs of your engine.

This isn’t a US car. Where are you? What does your oil cap say?

My oil cap only shows weight…not grade.

Otherwise known as the “710 cap”. :wink:


And I bet that oil ‘weight’ (5w-30, etc.) is what the OP is looking for.

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