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Injector problem

My 94 maxima in the shop for 3 weeks now - and still not fixed.

Check engine light intermittently on for several months - finally

stayed on - code read 'injector problem". Shop installed new

injector - did not solve problem - very rough running. Then

installed 5 other new injectors - still running very rough. The

car is old - but only 90K miles on it - I am original owner.

Instead of replacing them they should have tested them. If they don’t know how to do that, find another shop.

Have they - by chance - checked the wiring harness/power supply to the injector(s)? A code that points to an injector does not mean to replace the injector. It means to diagnose a problem - sometimes this would mean a new injector. Sometimes it could just mean a frayed wire. Perhaps you need a new shop?

Can you post the actual code?? Oh, wait 1994…That makes code reading and diagnosis much more difficult…