1990 Honda Accord Transmission Question

I have a 90 Accord, automatic tranny, with 70K miles…that I bought off of craigslist. I thought I was getting a good deal, but right after I bought it I had to replace the transmission with a rebuilt one. Then I had to replace the vehicle speed sensor, then the transmission control unit (TCU). Now, when accelerating up a hill, when the transmission tries to switch from 3rd to 4th gear, the transmission completely disengages, as if it is in neutral. No mechanic has yet been able to figure it out…

Is it like this all the time??? No 4th gear at all??? How is reverse working?? Honda transmissions uses the 4th clutch pack to operate reverse. Which engine is in this Accord??


This is the LX model. It is the 4-cyl, 2.2L engine.

When you first put the car into reverse (or drive), you have to wait a few seconds for the transmission to engage, otherwise it still acts as if in neutral. But once it engages, it works fine.

The transmission completely disengaging when switching between 3rd and 4th generally happens the first time that I drive it in the morning, and then sometimes if I’m accelerating up a hill, but not always. Once it disengages, it will not re-engage until I move the gear selector to D3, for example, and then back to D4.

Thanks for the help…

how long ago did you replace the tranny? did they give you any warrantee on it?

Have the mechanic check the cable that goes from the throttle body to the transmission. There should be no slack in it.

Yes, it had a 30-day warranty, but that time has passed…

Any other ideas?