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1990 GMC 1500 - Same as Chevy?

I’ve always wanted to know if there is a difference between GMC and
Chevy truck. Other that the GMC/Chevy labels.
My friend is a diehard GMC owner and will not buy a Chevy. Is he on
the right track?

NO, ………………….

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Agree NO, built by the same company - GM, designed by the same engineers, tested in the same labs and proving grounds, styled by the same designers, contains the very nearly the same options, engines, transmission and virtually everything else.

The only difference is the badge and some option packages. here is usually a high end option of one kind or another that is available on the GMC that isn’t on the Chevy.

The same could be said of Cadillac as well. The Escalade is a Caddy Suburban.

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One funny aspect of this is that GMC wanted the Sierra to sort of be special among the GM truck models. So it developed a swanky new multi-fold tailgate. It then made an advert about it that shows how anyone with a truck with a simple single-fold tailgate is driving an old junker. Sort of like all the new GM Silverado, GMC Canyon, and GM Chevy Colorado owners. The advert is titled “Anthem” after the song which will stick in your head for three days.

The old joke was “a GMC is a Chevy with locknuts”.

Ed B.

There was a time when there were differences, primarily in the drive lines. Late 40s, GMC I6 had pressurized oil systems, Chevy used splash. . In the 50s, Chevy used SBC, GMC used Oldsmobile. Later GMC had a V6 while Chevy had the I6. But now essentially the same except some trim packages and options.

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When the truck was new it would have been sold at a GMC dealer paired with either Buick or Pontiac if not both. Change the grill and a few badges and you have a Chevy Silverado. More recently GMC has become the luxury brand for GM trucks with the Denali line.

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