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Chevy Tahoe vs. GMC Yukon

My son and his wife are looking to get one of the above vehicles.Trim considerations aside, aren’t these the same vehicle underneath? Is one better than the other in reliability and build quality?


Identical vehicles, no difference.

These are the same vehicles, built on the same assembly line, with the same reliability and build quality. They both ride well, have good towing capacity, and are comfortable, but do not have as much cargo capacity as you would think, given their overall size. The only real differences are the nameplate and trim details.

The readers of Consumer Reports rated them identically:

Reliability–Much worse than average
Owner Satisfaction–Average
Cost of Ownership–Worse than average

Everything is based on personal opinions.

They are the same except for some trim (compare the grills for one) and the name.

Keep in mind that Consumer Reports is a guide only.

Talk to people who actually own and drive them. That’s what I did before I settled on an '02 Tahoe.

Since I’ve owned it (5 1/2 years) all I have had to repair was the electric (HVAC) blend door and the passenger side power window regulator.

Since my intent was (and still is) to use it ONLY for towing our travel trailer to Florida and South Carolina three times a year, I didn’t get anxious over the 17 mpg the 5.3L V8 gets (Not towing).
It averages 12.6 to 13.5 mpg when towing with a 3.73 rear end ratio.

I wouldn’t recommend these gas guzzlers (because they are V8 powered) to anyone who doesn’t need a tow vehicle.

The 4x4 system adds 400lbs to the vehicle which in turn, lessens fuel mileage.

The interior space inside is not great by any stretch of the imagination.
Especially if it has seating for 7.

My wife and I find the ride comfort is good. Don’t forget it IS a truck.

These vehicles flooded the USED vehicle market when the gas price shot up.

The '09 Tahoe is a Hybrid (slightly improved mileage and less emissions) but I haven’t been interested enough to check out the pros and cons.

Apparently some of the cross-overs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be either.

As our kids were growing up we went from small cars to mini-vans where we stayed until the kids moved out. Lots of these (any make) are problematic so really be careful if deciding on one.

Now we’re down-sizing once again. I just bought a Toyota Matrix XR and we love it. Even our two dogs don’t mind the lesser space.

Yukon vrs.Tahoe I see no difference. In the older S-Blazers,the GMC model (what was its name?)and the Oldsmobile model of the mostly same vehicle there were differences in the 4wd activation technique.

My question, In these days of model elimination (for cost savings) why does GM continue with GMC? are there people who think their is a difference? is it all “brand” loyalty? Would GM save if GMC was merged with Chevrolet? Is the issue related to larger trucks?

Ford likes to claim “Greatest number sold” for its F-150. If you add Chevrolet and GMC together I don’t think they could make this claim.