1990 ford ranger auto trans problem

1990 ford ranger, was driving an heard a pop now what ever gear I select it does absolute nothing ,any ideas?

Good chance there’s a problem in the linkage between the shifter and the transmission.

That pop you heard was likely your transmission saying goodbye to you.

OP, do you hear any noises like something is spinning (other than the engine) in the various driving gears? Or does it sound like you are in P or N?

Set the parking brake, start the engine, put it gear, look underneath without crawling under truck to see if drive line is spinning.

checked linkage ,everything looks fine. even took pan off an shifted an everything looked fine there as well. man this is a mystery

did what you asked ,an no the driveline is not spinning. when I select a gear it feels like the linkage is disconnected, but I went as far as taking the pan off an shifting ,an everything looks good’ its mysterious!

Not a mystery, the transmission is 30 years old with who knows how many miles, complex mechanical assemblies do wear out and have a finite life expectancy. Yours simply reached the end of its life.

nah! took pan off ,traced linkage down,shifted it many times an everything looks good. I don’t know I just cant accept the trans. is gone as its all the gears not working , an also I had no slippping ect… before this happened. ive got a new truck cause of it, but I still have as I want to solve this problem

no hear nothing, im just having trouble accepting trans is shot, ive checked linkage, changed filter, fluid,checked fuses . I geuss it is just done .

yeah, your right just never had everything seem fine than next minute it wont move in any gear , geuss I need to come to terms with buying a trans, thanks

Suggest to take your truck to the local transmission shop for a proper diagnosis. Since the linkage between the shifter and the trans is ok, the problem must be a transmission or torque converter/flex-plate fault. Since you had no signs of slipping until you heard the “pop” sound, there’s least some chance the problem isn’t worn clutches and bands. Give yourself a chance to get lucky and hire a pro to tell you what’s wrong. You can decide to fix it yourself if you like.