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Ford ranger transmission

My 1999 ford ranger pick up is an automatic. Recently the gear shift display reflects it is in R when in park, N when in drive and D when it is 2. Does it just need transmission fluid or is the transmission going?

Get the linkage inspected and adjusted/repaired ASAP. If the linkage is causing the transmission to operate between the detents serious damage can result.

Would this just be a matter of normal wear and tear…I have 140000 miles on the truck?..thanks!!!

The adjustment procedure is given in Chilton Library, available free from most public libraries online.

@Mattiex–the linkage is external to the transmission. Adjustment of the linkage is neither a difficult nor an expensive procedure. As an analogy, think about a multi-speed bicycle. There are cables from the shift handles to the deraillers that move the chain from sprocket to sprocket. If the cable is out of adjustment, it doesn’t mean that there is a problem with the deraillers or the chain.

Such misalignment is usually the result of forcing the shift lever or something forcing the linkage out of position under the truck.

Well this is not caused by being low on fluid. Nor is it a sign that the transmissiion is "going’. The shift linkage MIGHT need ajusting but I suspect the motor or transmission mounts (one or more) are bad.