1990 Chevy 4 Wheel drive fuse

I have a 1990 Chevy 3500 I use for a work/farm truck. The 4 WD fuse has been blowing out recently and I have to replace it to get out of areas that require more traction. This is becoming increasingly more frequent. I’m trying to avoid having to put too much money into it as I use it on the farm predominately but the 4 WD is commonly needed especially in Winter. Do I need a new truck or a simple fix?

Are you certain you are replacing it with the right size of fuse? And the right type? Some fuse applications require a slow-blow fuse. You might need to consult a dealership shop to make sure you have the correct replacement fuse.

Check and clean all connections I think there might be an electrical connection on the trans body I would look at first.

Fuse is same type as the initial one when the problem started 6 months ago; I’ll check connections. Thanks