1990 Buick Starter

Anybody here own/work on a '90 Buick (LeSabre?) lately? My elderly neighbor asked me to help him with his '90 Buick, sounds like (I didn’t look at it yet, just talked with him) s replacement starter. I don’t want to make any promises if the darn thing is way up under the motor or someplace hard to get at. The car sits in his driveway a few doors down from my place. Anybody have one of these v-6s? Rocketman

its right up by flywheel where enginge and tranny meet. long as you have a nice jack and patience its a easy job. medium sized hands would help to

Is the starter on the radiator side of the engine or the firewall side? Gonna look at it with the neighbor today sometime. Thanks! Rocketman

The starter on this car is on the radiator side and is an easy job. Should be in and out in 45 minutes to an hour, if not less. Everything you need to get to is easy to access.