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1989 Toyota Camry Won't turn over

I have an 89’ Toyota Camry. Left lights on, dead battery. Tried to jump in the dark, might have crossed wires. Blew main fuse, replaced it and battery. Car cranks but does not turn over. I do not think it is getting spark, could not see it. What’s wrong?

Bad news for you JM, this sounds like a transmission slipping. If this is a manual you need a new clutch. If this is an automatic you are facing some $$ for reliable repairs. Have you had the fluid changed in the last 30 to 50k miles?

If you are VERY lucky, the automatic transmission is low on fluid. Top it off and it should be good–or better yet have it drained and filled.

If you are unlucky, SteveRB has your answer above.

Yup, you can count this as another vote for either a slipping clutch (if your trans is manual), or a failing transmission (if it is an automatic trans).

I would suggest that you have the trans problem diagnosed by an independent trans shop, and NOT by a chain like AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, etc. The chains will tell you that you need a new/rebuilt trans, even if a minor repair is all that is necessary.

In case you really do need a new/rebuilt trans at this point, you should start considering your options, as the cost of major trans repairs will exceed the book value of this old car. You might be better-off starting “fresh” with a well-maintained, newer car.

It is a manual, I am not sure when the fluid was changed last. Is it possible to change the fluid on a manual transmission an my own? On a scale of 1-10, how difficult is it?

Thank you all for the advice.

It’s the clutch, not the fluid. A clutch replacement requires the transmission be dropped to get to the flywheel and replace the clutch assembly. There is no cheap or easy fix.