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Car does not start

I have been driving without any problems this morning. After stoping and parking the car to get some groceries, I came back to the car and now it does not start. I tried many times and I do not hear any noise. I tried the jumping cables and it did not start. Is this a probelm with the starter or a connection or what. The battery seems to be fine since I do not see the warning light for the battery. I still can turn on lights, open & close windows and turn on the radio. Do you have any idea of what the problem might be. I need to haul the car to a repair shop but I do not know what to repair. The car is an old Toyota Camry Wagon 1989 with 200K miles and the car still has most of the original parts.

Tell us exactly what happens when you try to turn the key.

Take off the license plates, leave it where it is and go buy a new car. Sorry, just kidding.

“Is this a probelm with the starter or a connection or what.” Based upon your description, it’s definitely the “or what”.

Could be any one or more of the following: starter motor, solenoid, starter switch, cables, clutch interlock switch (manual transmission), park or neutral switch (automatic transmission), etc. Take it to an auto electric specialist and have them run a diagnostic check.

If it’s a manual transmission, try depressing the clutch pedal a few times. If it’s an automatic, try park or neutral.