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Break lights on 91 Toyota Camry

I have Changed bulbs,fuses,brake switch,all wires were checked and still no brake lights. All other lights work.

The brake light circuit runs through the signal flasher circuit so the problem may be there. I would check to see if there is voltage getting to the brake light switch using a test light probe.

The wiring diagram that I just looked at, shows that power comes from the Stop Fuse, 20A. It goes through the brake switch, when the brake pedal is depressed. Then, its direction depends on if you have a dash Rear Warning light, or not. If it does, the power goes from the brake switch, to the Light Failure Sensor. A Gage 7.5A fuse powers the Light Failure Sensor. From the Light Failure Sensor, the power goes to the brake lights.

If there isn’t a dash Rear Warning Light, the power leaves the Stop Fuse 20A, goes to the brake switch, from there (with the brake pedal depressed), power goes to the brake lights.
At this link, click on Fig. 18 for the wiring diagram.