1989 Pontiac Trans Am

The car won’t start when I turn the key. It will start with starting fluid and stay running. I think it could be something between fuel rail and diafram. It’s a 5.7 tune Port engine with a new computer, new fuel pump filter new diafram in fuel line ,new sensors cold start and 55 lbs PSI at fuel rail. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

The “will start and stay running if a shot of starting fluid is added” is somewhat rare for me. I have only seen this sympton on early mechanical fuel injected 911’s and on vehicles with defective cold start injectors.

Time for a compression check.

The engine computer relies on the voltage input values from the temperature sensors to set fuel flow for cold start. Did you measure those voltage (and ohm) values, to the engine computer, with a multimeter, from those temperature sensor and match them against the values tables?