63 Pontiac won't start when cold

1963 pontiac grand am, quad four fuel injected won’t start when cold. Will only start when starter fluid is use in breather. AFter engine get hot it start over and ovaer again. Have replaced all electrical sensors and switches and the computer . Checked injectors for problems and about to GO BALISTIC. GOT ANY IDEAS???

Trying to help my neighbor who has been working on this for three weeks and he is a pritty good mechanic with 10+years auto experiences. THIS HAS US BAFFLED >>> HELP

The neighbor , Bill

A Quad-4 in 1963???

You likely have a bad fuel pump relay. The oil pressure gauge sender has a redundant switch which closes when pressure has developed and priming the engine accomplishes that. Find and replace the relay. It’s too cheap and easy to not try it.

I think you’ve screwed up the year by thirty or forty years; there were no Grand Ams or Quad 4’s, nor were there any fuel injected Pontiacs in '63.

You’ve likely got a failed Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. It’s what tells the computer if the engine is cold, so that the computer can enrichen the fuel mixture until the engine warms up, much like the choke did on a real '63 Pontiac.