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1989 Pontiac Sunbird

I can use my car to go where I have to go. However, once I get there, I have to wait at least 30 minutes before my car will start again. It does not over heat, it just won’t start. It acts as if I’m out of gas. If I let it sit, it’s fine. HELP!!!

First, of you provide more information it always helps. E.g. how well do you keep up with maintenance on the car? When is the last time you had a basic tune up involving things like spark plugs, wires, fuel/air filters…?

But off hand, I would start with assuming that you’re having trouble with either fuel or spark. Go to an auto parts store and get an extra spark plug for the car (or alternatively a spark tester), and a can of starting pluid. The next time it won’t start, pull one of the plug wires, hook up the new plug or tester, ground it to the engine block, turn the key and look for spark. If you don’t have it then you need to check out the whole ignition system. If you have spark, shoot some starter fluid into the carb (if it has one) or air intake and try to start it. If it runs a little and then dies, then you have a problem with fuel supply. Check the entire fuel system.

If you take it to a mechanic, make sure that you specify that the car has to be hot to test for problems.

I do keep up the maintenance. I was told that the problem may be in the fuel system. Thanks for your help. I’ll let the mechanic know. Again Thanks A lot.