1989 Ford F-150 - Piston through oil pan

My piston rod went thru the oil pan on my 4.9 inline six

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone doing that with a 4.9/300 Ford inline six

That’s always been one of my favorite Ford truck engines


These engines are virtually unbreakable if you keep oil in them. One of the most reliable engines ever produced. Congratulations, you killed one.


Get a remanufactured short bloc, great engine if you maintain them.

I’d go for a long block, given how this engine must have been treated over the years.


After boosting it to 500HP? Towing it rear wheels down with it left in 1st or 2nd gear?

This didn’t happen by chance…but by neglect. Have you heard about the radical thing called oil changes.


Stuff happens!

I’ve seen engines self destruct with less than 50,000 miles on them.

And they weren’t neglected or abused.


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Anything’s possible. But it’s far more probable this engine was neglected.

You’re probably right, existing head would likely need work, a long block would be the way to go.

You want carnage? A few years ago a customer flat-tow hitched up his '89 T-bird SC 5-speed to his RV, inadvertently left it in R instead of N, and hit the freeway.

I wish I still had the pictures.


That’s unusual for that engine, but at this point it’s over 33 years old with who-knows-how-many miles. All things break eventually.

I’m waiting for the part about never buying another Ford ever!


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Stuff just happens. I had a 2001 windstar that we bought from new. well maintained, synthetic oil changes every 5k miles. it had 225k miles on it one Mother’s Day. I had done a oil change, plugs, wires and coils a week before. it ran great. Mother’s Day I went to take mom out for dinner. she could not get into my truck. I start the minivan up and it sounded just like open headers. I shut it off and looked underneath because I thought someone might have stolen the Cat. everything looked fine. I thought for a second and said to myself…Well there goes Mother’s Day. :rofl: well, curiosity got to me, so I started it up again for a few seconds and the same thing happened. which I knew it would.
this time when I looked under the vehicle there was fresh oil and 6-inch chunks of aluminum under the van. My sister picked up mom and I spent the rest of the day cleaning up oil from the cement driveway.
Life Happens, and the van went to the big scrap yard in the sky. :wink: :grinning:

I’m going to go with a long block


Ohhh … that hurt just reading it! My imagination likely isn’t creative enough to recreate that carnage!

How does something like that happen with no warning, and at idle speed?

Sorry to hear that happened @Germany69army . As posted above, unusual event esp for that particular engine. If you are asking what to do about it, either the engine needs to be completely taken apart & rebuilt, or , in the way of common-sense, either replace the bad engine w/ a known to be good used engine, or junk the truck. There are aftermarket new engines which will fit your truck too I expect. Surf over to the Ford Racing website. Or the Summit Racing website.

That is a good question. I have no idea, especially since the engine did not make any unusual noises the last time I shut it off.