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1989 Dodge Spirit in trouble

I ran over a dip in the road and now my car jerks to the left and makes a rumbling noise.

I can’t quite see it or feel it from here. I believe you are going to need a local suspension specialist take a look at it. It could be a bad tyre or transmission or ??

If you would like, you can try giving us more information. For example how fast were you going when you went over the dip? Did you car scrap bottom when going over it? What exactly do you mean by “jerks to the left” Does the car jerk to the left or the steering wheel? Does it have a rumbling noise all the time or only when it jerks ?? When was the last time the shocks/struts replaced? Have you looked at the tyres to see if anything looks like a problem?

I suggest you get this car to a mechanic ASAP and have the suspension and steering checked for damage.

It might not even be safe to drive. Perhaps you should have it towed.