1989 Dodge Raider

Anybody have any input on a 1989 Dodge Raider 6 cylinder 4x4 5 Speed. 140,000 miles on it is all i know right now.
Body looks good
They want $1000 obo

Any input would be good


That’s the Dodge branded version of the Montero 4x4 made by Mitsubishi. Good for its day, some parts may be scarce. Have it checked over before you buy.


Texases is right on. The only thing I would add is … I would look at as a throw away car. Offer $700 or $800 if it checks out. Then drive it and don’t put much money in it. Then when when your done scrap it.

Copy That. Thanks.

Now. I just located a (1992 Subaru Loyale Wagon. 4wd. 119,000 miles. Runs fine. Everything works)

The guy sounds good and honest. Just got off the phone with him. Its a 200 mile round trip for me to do check it out. He wants $1200 i figure its a deal ???

a 24 yerar old truck and a 21 year old car are worth about scrap value, IMO. I wouldn’t offer more than $500 for either vehicle.
Neither are what I would consider desireable and parts could be hard to come by should something go wrong.