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1984 Dodge Pickup - Does not run, what's it worth

What is value of 1984 dodge rampage 2.2 50,000 does not run

What ever you can get someone to give you. Frankly I don’t think anything over $500.00 because parts for this thing are really difficult to find.


Second Volvo_V70. I’m thinking a couple of hundred bucks to someone who really, really wants it and IF the body and interior are straight and rust free.


There an 84 for sale for $7000 , and an 83 for $5500 at the link below as a reference for upside potential after fixing what ails it. These two for sale are presumably in good running condition. I concur with @ok4450 above for one that doesn’t run. At best a couple hundred bucks.

What’s wrong with it?

A rare and odd vehicle will always have a higher price tag than an ordinary junker. If it’s that pickup made out of a car then it’s worth it to somebody to fix it. They can get good fuel economy if they run right.

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Whatever a scrapyard will give you. A couple bucks more if any one really wants it.

P.S. Calling a Rampage a pickup is very loose interpretation of pickup.

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