1989 Chevrolet Classic - Radio repair options

need to find good or excellent repair for radio that is in an excellently kept 1989 chevy.celebrity.

You’ll improve your chances if people know where you are. Even then it’s a long shot. My advice is to try a web search. Failing that a car audio shop might be able to replace the unit.

just do a search for automotive radio repair shops. there is a lot out there.

A bunch of them here


Most likely a replace rather than repair situation.
Check you YouTube videos, you may decide to do it yourself.
I had the radio/CD player fail on a 98 Explorer. I first went to a big box store that offered “free” installation on any unit >$100. Fine, then I saw they were charging $50 for the three $10 adapters required. I went elsewhere, bought a better unit and the adapters. Took about an hour to switch out less than $200.

Can Chevrolet Celebrity and Classic be in the same sentence ?

Perhaps “Classic” is the trim level?