1989 Camry All-Trac struts

I bought this car for my kids, and recently replaced the tires. The tire shop said I need new rear struts and according to the Toyota dealer the parts are $500 plus installation! Do I have any cheaper options? I love my kids, but come on!

Of course there are less expensive options. Go to an independent shop who uses good quality aftermarket parts and get a repair quote. No need to go to a dealer for such a commonly replaced part.

I wholeheartedly agree with Alan. The dealer will soak you for these and you can get them done anywhere far cheaper.

CHEAPER OPTIONS??? I’d NEVER let a dealer do my struts/shocks…Their prices are usually 2-3 times higher then as good or BETTER struts/shocks elsewhere. That prices is awfully high.

Look around for sales. For a car this old buy the cheapest struts you can find. They’ll be fine.

I will do that

good tip…thanks

good advice…thanks