How much to replace front and rear struts on my 2004 Camry 4

How much to replace front and rear struts on my 2004 Camry 4

The price is going to vary to some extent, based on…where you live…whether you use OEM Toyota parts vs aftermarket parts…and whether you go to a dealership or to an independent mechanic’s shop, but I think that a good ballpark price estimate is ~$1,000.

Close enough.
Gabriels at Auto Zone are 150 apiece…just parts…plus labor

Yeah, I was about to write “about $1,000” too. Perhaps a bit more, because on this car the rears are struts as well as the fronts. Toyota used coilovers on some vehicles.

You’ll need a 4-wheel alignment too. And I would specifically request that they replace all the “rubbery bits” while they’re at it. By that I mean the spring bushings, upper mounts, etc. These get hard, and replacing them along with the struts will return your new car ride. They’re pretty cheap to replace, since the strut assemblies have to come apart to move the spring over anyway.

I’ve attached a link that’ll show you how they’re put together if you’re interested. Do NOT use it to judge cost estimates, however, because most of the cost is labor.

Get “ready struts” meaning strut, mount, bellows, and coil spring, preassembled

Saves a lot of time, and if you need struts, the mounts can’t be all that great, either

I recently put rears on and I put the Monroe quick strut on. I found the best place to price them was at pepboys. They are a lot cheaper there than anyplace else I found. and most other parts stores will match their price. I ended up purchasing them thru advance auto at the pepboys price. Now my camry is a 99 and I payed about 140 for the pair and a local shop put them on for 85 for both sides.


I payed about 140 for the pair

Where do you get Monroe quick struts for $140/pair?

My mistake, sorry for misleading you. I payed 180 for the pair at advance auto with the price match from pepboys. now that was for my 99 camry. Big change going to an 05. I just checked pepboys and the are 145 ea. for the rears. The installation is a lot cheaper for rears.

I think I’ll go out and give my Crown Vic a big hug…

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“The installation is a lot cheaper for the rears.”

The labor costs more to replace the rear struts than the front struts on a Camry.


Because the rear seat cushion, backrest, interior trim, seat belt buckles, high center brake light, and rear package shelf all have to be removed to gain access to the upper strut mounting nuts.


I see the Quickstrut recommendation, but by lurking on the toyotanaiton forum, I have seen quite a few complain of the strut mount clunk on thequickstruts and they have had to revert back to the Toyota mount. I have an '05 and this is a bummer for me as make the DIY part more difficult-I would rather not deal with spring compressors.

@galant … Ask your parts place or shop – even a dealership shop – if they’ll do the spring compressor part for you. My locally owned parts place provides that service (for a small fee) for its customers.