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1988 Volvo 240 DL

I have a 1988 Volvo 240 DL that I just replaced the battery. It started right up after it was installed. We drove it home and parked it for one week without trying to start it again because we still have parts to buy to pass safety. I live in UT. My son went out to start it today and it would not make any sound or turn over. What should I check next? Starter Solenoid? Alternator? Thank you. Janice Fjerstad

Put a meter on battery. What is voltage? Every home mechanic should have at least a budget Vom.

Take the battery out, take it to the place you bought it, and have it tested. Just because it’s a new battery doe not mean it works properly. If it comes up bad, just show them the receipt and they’ll replace it.

I agree with @Stoveguyy that you should test the voltage, but you can absolve the battery with a test at the parts store. If the battery checks out and you have no click when you turn the key, then the starter solenoid might be it. But starters typically are sold with the solenoid and you can’t buy it separately. You may need to listen closely for the click. If two of you test it, one can stand at the engine bay with the hood up to listen for it.