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1988 Crown Vic - Transmission Issue?

With some digging around you can probably find an AOD transmission on the cheap. Granted there’s always a risk with a used unit but if the miles are fairly low then it’s worth a shot.
The last one I bought cost a whopping 75 bucks and it works like new.

As for not starting that’s difficult to say without hands on but the fuel injection/engine managment on these is pretty simple.
These cars also use the TFI-IV ignition module which is very prone to heat failure and especially so in the summer.

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We’re unsure if it has a spark, but it’s definitely cranking fast enough to start.

Just an hour ago, me and my dad towed it back to the house from the transmission place from yesterday. But before we towed it, we tried to crank it up. And first try it cranked up, but the moment it cranked up, it was on, but it was really rough and was rumbling before turning right back off. It only stayed on and rumbled for about 4 seconds.

I’ll be able to check the fuel pressure by Friday, because that’s when I get paid and I’ll be able to buy a fuel pressure gauge.

I’ll definitely do some digging to find a cheaper transmission. I’m totally aware of the risk, hopefully i’d get the same results as you.