Transmission Trouble

I bought a 1991 Crown Victoria Wagon today for $300. The car is in excellent shape and the motor is strong, but the transmission doesnt seem to want to kick into overdrive after 45 mph. What are the possible reasons. Please Help!!

For $300, overdrive becomes a vague option…something to dream about…

When you buy a $300 car you are actually setting yourself up to spend a lot more money. You should have have splurged on the $1500 car with a fully functional transmission. Now you can look forward to spending $1500 on the crown vics transmission and it’ll still have 4 bald mismatched tires, an oil leak and that squeaky door.

Do these have a switch to turn the OD off, if so that is the only thing I will check. Other than that, I agree, you are going to save some gas having OD, but nothing close to the $$ needed to fix the tranny. Just enjoy the car.

This is the last year for “The Square Ones” and the Station Wagon and the 302(5L) engine…You could try the crownvicnet which has a forum for The Square Ones…They may offer some insights and solutions…

I think there is an “overdrive off” switch but the overdrive should be “on” unless you push the switch.

Really, instead of knocking what someone paid for their car or making jokes, offer some legit advice.

I bought a Jeep for $500 and it ran like a champ. She wasn’t pretty, but she ran.

cabinetguy09, I’m sure you’ve already done the obvious, check fluids. Depending on where you live, you can get a tranny for less than $1,500. I’ve gotten used for as low as $300 FOR AN ACURA!

Other than tranny, sounds like you scored a deal.

Let us know of more questions or troubles.

First off, thank you JPKansas for the back up. The car is worth 1700 as is. It was a one owner car, and it came with all of the service receipts for the last 19 years, and it has only been serviced at a Ford dealership. There are no leaks, dents or rust, and all of the interior (ALL) is in excellent shape. There are a few blemishes on the exterioir, and yes there is a squeaky door. And as far as the transmission, it turned out to be the speed sensor. It was a common defect on Fords, and it was actually a recalled part when the car was new. I guess the proper name is a Ford LTD Country squire. I am happy with my investment of $299.00 plus the $120.00 tag and title, $13 increase in insurance, AND $16.89 for the speed sensor! I did not need to spend $1500 because I have a 2007 Nisan Sentra, and to be honest, the Ford LTD wagaon drives and rides better than the 07 Sentra. Not to mention I can fit a whole sheet of plywood and my tools in the back. It beats the $1200 work truck with the leaks. Thanks for the advice!


Great catch! You should become familiar with the Boxbody forum at You will find lots of helpful friends there.

Nice. Glad to see some sense on the forum. Start with the old equip that wore out that might be cheap before the scare the guy. LOL. Good luck.

LOL Seinfelds’ out of work and begging for scraps, and you’re crackin wise :slight_smile: