1988 Ford LTD Crown Vic - Gear Change Issue

Hi. So here’s the problem.
If I start the car, then shift into reverse, the car will shut off.
If I start the car, and let it sit for a bit, then go into reverse, the car will shut off.
If I start the car, then go into drive THEN reverse, the car WILL stay on and reverse.
I read online that it could be clogged fuel injectors, so I bought some fuel injector cleaner, put it in, then drove for a day and a half, and it’s still having this issue.

Something like this has never happened before. Responses and inputs on what this problem could be would be much appreciated


Could be the fuel pump.Its 32 year old car you know,anything can break at this point.

What happens if you start the car and then immediately shift into Drive?

Maybe someone can explain to me why if you have 6 threads in 6 months about problems with a 32 year old vehicle that is not even collectable why bother.

I asked for an explanation , seems like a valid question.

32 year old car. EVERYthing and ANYthing can fail at any time. I also notice you didn’t tell us what engine is in the car. No matter, sounds like an idle air control valve has failed and/or that passage in the throttle body is dirty. Wild donkey guess given what little you’ve told us.

Edit: Maybe the idle air passage is clogged with the orange gunk you saw in the throttle body.

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I’ll not sure if it’s the fuel pump. We replaced it last year in February. Can the pump go bad after a year?

Well, it’s an old car. I know it’s gonna have its problems. It’s also my first car. I bought it last year around February for $800. It was all I could afford. I wanna try to have it run as perfectly as I can for as long as I can. Hope that answers your question

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Does it just die dead, instantly when you shift, or does it struggle?

The car has a 5.0 Engine. It’s also Automatic shift.
Thanks for your input, I’ll check the idle air passage when I can.
Let me know if there’s anything else you would need to know

It struggles

But when you just shift into drive, no problem?

I just tested it again and as of now, when I shift into drive, it shuts off just like how it did when I go into reverse. But it used to struggle a little.

It’s possible the torque converter lockup is malfunctioning. A good transmission shop could verify this.

Alright, I’ll get that checked out when i can

The car can idles fine, but when going into drive or reverse, it’ll just turn off, unless I press the gas a little and hold it as I shift. And this is only when I’m beginning a trip. If I were to go to the store or something and I’m trying to park by reverse, or correcting my car in the space, the car won’t turn off

Does it stall when you shift into Drive also, or just Reverse?

Sorry for the long wait. What solved this issue was increasing the idling speed slightly. The car hasn’t turned off on me since