1988 Chevy Baretta

My 1988 Chevy Baretta has a grinding noise coming from underneath the hood all the way in the back on the passengers side. The car only has 70,000 original miles on it. I only used to drive it occasionally, but now it is my only source of transportation and the noise is getting louder. Any suggestions???

Just a couple of suggestions to bump this up the queue. When was the last time the front brakes were checked/changed? Perhaps it’s a wear indicator on the brake pad. My friend used to go through a set of pads on his 89 every 15 - 20k miles in city. I had 70k (mostly rural) on the original brake pads on my 88 Beretta when I traded it. They were nearly due for replacement.

Other causes front end noise could be a bad CV axle (clicking) or wheel bearings. All of this is assuming the car is moving when the noise occurs.

Ed B.

Bad grinding noise is a metal to metal contact and that is not good. It could be a bad wheel bearing. If it’s really noisy, it might be difficult to pin down exactly where the noise is coming from.

Or, another possibility is that you ran over someone and you are dragging the body along the road. If the sound goes away when you drive on a grassy field, check for a body under the car. A body would also explain why the noise is from the hood all the way in the back on the passenger side. You could have nailed a very tall person.