1988 Bronco XLT heat stall problem

My dad gave us a very nice Ford Bronco that was in Washington state for years. We live in Tucson. We got the vehicle when it’s cool in AZ, and have only had this problem the past week.

The outside temperature now in Tucson is 105 plus now. The Bronco runs fine for a couple hours, and then it starts dying, like it’s running out of gas. Yesterday I waited for an hour, and it started and I got home.

Today my husband had the same experience. He’s changed the thermostat to a cooler one and the fuel filter. He moved wires around so they wouldn’t be close to any heat source. He said that the Bronco is having a rough time getting home. Is it the fuel pump? Or something else? Thanks for any help you can give us. He’s getting burnt out working under the apple tree in 108F. temps.

Give us some stats. like mileage,year model,current maintiance status,engine size.I also live in Tucson the house AC goes on at 7.45AM (set to 82) i dont even go outside until its dark. But its a dry heat. I see its a 88

It could be a problem with the ignition module, which Ford’s are famous for. And you can check if it might be.

Carry an extra sparkplug in the vehicle. The next time the engine stalls, remove one of the sparkplug wires from a sparkplug on the engine, and plug the extra sparkplug into the end of the wire. Lay the sparkplug and wire on the engine so that the sparkplug body is grounded to the engine. Now try starting the engine. The spark on the sparkplug should be bright and blue. If it’s more of a yellow color or non-existant, I would suspect the ignition module.


I’ve had a similar problem with my Bronco before. Check the fuel pressure regulator, they are notriously flakey.

If it has the really big ignition module, it has been known to do that. Check for a condenser at the distributor or the coil. They sometimes go bad and do that but usually don’t wait that long to quit.

I’ll second the ignition module recommendation since this vehicle is one of thost TFI-IV models. The symptoms are similar to running out of gas and heat is what does the modules in.

It’s easy to change (try to do this without rotating the distributor) and you MUST use the special grease packet that comes with the new module.