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1987 honda car dies with blower on high

I have a 87 Honda crx si that the blower works in setting 1-2 but in setting 3-4 it kills the car I check the altenator witch was bad and replaced it witch should of fixed the problem previouse owner said he had replace it once before. when you turn the heater to the 3rd setting in idle the car lugs down a little and if u give it gas it instantly kills it 4th setting wont work at all any help would be appreciated.


Does the car have a problem when you turn the headlights on high beam? If not, then I would suspect that the problem is the blower motor. On the lower speeds, resistance is put in the circuit. If the motor is drawing too much current, then the voltage is reduced causing loss of spark or fuel pump pressure. I can’t understand, though, why a fuse doesn’t blow.
The only other thing I can think of is that if the air conditioning compressor is coming on and it is locking up, it could cause the engine to stall.

ya I have checked the fuses I will pull up a diagnostic for them and make sure they are the right amps how should I test the blower? a amp meter at the fuse box box? make and ohm test betwenn the fuse box and heater connections went through school so I am pretty good with most things but this was a first for me

meant ohm the wire to make sure isn’t a short to ground some where lol

I was to that part of the dash went out to and they had it repaired

oh and ive had headlights on with the tires being pumped up frim lighter plug

You may have many problems but one of them is a bad or missing ground. Ground the engine to the body or clean up the existing wire.