2000 Honda civic LX engine goes off when the heater is turned on

I was driving to work yesterday and when I turned on the heater, the battery and engine light came on. At this point, the car just stopped in the middle of the road. So I turned the key to “off” and put the car on “park”. After a few seconds I turned the car on again and it started.

On my way home from work, the same thing happened again when I turned on the heater.

What could be the cause of this? what do I do to fix it? Cause’ I need heater on

What happens if you turn the blower on with the temperature selector at cold?

I would suspect that the problem is that your alternator has failed or is failing. It can’t keep up with the extra load of the blower motor running. Very soon, you won’t be able to keep it running even with the blower off.

Agreed. I had an '88 CRX, and the only major component failure I ever had was the alternator. Put a charger on your battery ASAP if you have one. If you’re handy, you can unbolt the alternator yourself and take it to an auto parts store that has an alternator tester. They can check it out for you and sell you a rebuilt one if you need it.

When I turn to cold,the car does not go off. One person said that it was the radiator/coolant, another person said it was the electrical wiring. Shoud I take it to another mechanic to check the alternator?

What is the actual problem?


Dunno yet. Now go do this:

Start the car with the temp selector on cold and the fan OFF. Slowly turn the temp selector to hot. If it stalls, tell me where the temp selector is. If it doesn’t, turn the temp selector back to cold. Then turn the fan ON, and slowly turn the temp selector to hot, and tell me where it stalls.