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1987 Ford Ranger Clutch Grabs Late

Hi there,

Test drove an 87 Ford Ranger (2.3L, 4 cylinder) and it’s in great shape aside from the clutch pedal. It wouldn’t really grab until the clutch was almost completely released. Not sure if this indicated the clutch itself is bad or if something might just need to be adjusted or the line bled, or if it’s just how the clutch feels in these late 80’s Rangers. Anyone have any ideas?

Body, engine, etc. all looked great otherwise and we got him down to $1200. If it wasn’t for this odd feeling clutch, we’d go for it.

The clutch is a self-adjusting hydraulic system. So there is no adjustment feature.

When the clutch engages at the top of the clutch pedal position it points to a worn out clutch assembly.

If you do decide to purchase the vehicle and put a clutch kit in it, make sure the kit comes with a new slave cylinder.


If you buy it then plan on a clutch job in your near future. Replace the rear main seal on the engine while your in there.

I agree with the other responses. I’ve had vehicles with the exact same symptoms and the only fix was a new clutch (plate and disc), clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. BTW…I know Rangers are getting scarce but $1200 is still too much to pay in my opinion. They are great little trucks though.